Life On-The-Go Just Got Better

Life on-the-go is about more than just getting from point A to point B. Getting to the right place at the right time can mean greater freedom, better experiences, less stress, and getting more value for your money. Planitgood makes that super easy no matter where you go.

Your Travel Buddy

Get the inside scoop on the good people and places by bringing Planitgood along as your travel buddy. We're easy to travel with. We don't take up any space, no extra potty stops, we agree with all of your food choices, and we'll never change radio stations on you. We're always at work for you ready to show you the good deals and spare you from unseen hassles along the way.

Your Sixth Sense

Find out what's it like to have a sixth sense. We experience places using our five senses, but the quality of our experience is often determined by hidden factors we can't perceive. The nature of places change with weather, time of day, news headlines, and travel companions. Planitgood detects the unseen and presents it in a complete picture that your other five senses will appreciate.

Life is Better When You Planitgood

You can only plan so much in advance, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the rest to chance. No problemo. Planitgood gives you freedom to plan on the go so you can have better experiences. Join us for free and discover how life is better when you Planitgood.